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By entering this site you are agreeing to be responsible for the appropriate use and proper utilization of NFIP documentation disclosed to you. The information contained in this transmittal is legally privileged and confidential. Its use is protected under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. Section 552(a). Use of the provided information is restricted to the applicable Routine Use(s) cited in the System Notice published at 67 FR 3193 January 23, 2003. The information provided should be used consistent with the purpose(s) for which the records were released as stated in the applicable Routine Use(s) cited herein. You should not divulge the following information to anyone other than as specifically indicated by the applicable Routine Use authorizing the release of the information.

Name of Insured, Property Address, Insurance Company name or NAIC number, Policy Number, Coverage, Premiums, 9 Digit Zip Code, Loss dates or amounts, Individual insurance company statistics such as the number of policies issued, coverage or premiums for the policies. If the Mitigation Directorate authorizes the released information, a permanent record of the release must be maintained, such as an Operation Support Request (OSR). In the event you require further consultation in this matter, please contact the Mitigation Division at (202) 646-3415.

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