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FloodSmart online materials


 The Community Rating System: Making it Work for Louisiana 


Flood Economics 


6 Tips for Restoring Louisiana Homes to Reduce Damage in Future Floods 


FEMA Federal Assistance Information 


Rain Ready 

RainReady helps people manage flooding and drought in a time of climate change. 


Disaster Toolkit

Resources for mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and what to do during a disaster event. 


Storm Preparedness Outreach Materials 

The Risk Literacy curriculum was designed in Plain Language to teach the concepts of risk as subject matter in literacy programs, as well as teach literacy through risk education.


Outreach Materials for Schoolchildren


Louisiana FloodMaps Portal

Provided by LSU AgCenter. 



FEMA has issued the final release of RASPLOT version 3.0, which is now available for download from the RASPLOT webpage on

RASPLOT is a software program that allows users to create flood profiles and floodway data tables (FDTs) through the automated extraction of data from HEC-RAS hydraulic modeling files, as well as FIRM Databases. Flood profiles and FDTs are required for inclusion in the Flood Insurance Study reports issued for communities participating in FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program.



The official site of the NFIP


CPRA's Flood Risk and Resilience Viewer

Learn more about how flood risk impacts communities today and in the future, as well as how to make your community safer and more resilient. 


Community Rating System Information 


No Adverse Impact How-To Guide for Planning 


No Adverse Impact How-To Guide for Education & Outreach


Mississippi 'B' - 'E' Model Ordinance April 2011 (all flood zones) 


State and Regional Contacts: 


Pam Lightfoot, Floodplain Management Program Coordinator,

Jonathan Swift, ISO/CRS Specialist,