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Floodplain Management > FIRMette steps

Step 1: Go to FEMA's Map Service Center.

Step 2: In the box in the upper left corner select "Public Flood Map", and enter your address.

Step 3: On the "Map Search Results" page, select the green magnifying glass to view the FIRMette.  If there is no green magnifying glass, the FIRM is not available for viewing.

Step 4: Click the "Make a FIRMette" button

Step 5: Choose you paper size.

Step 6: move the pink and green box over the area you would like to print.

Step 7: Choose Adobe PDF, or TIFF image.

Step 8: You will see your FIRMette on the screen.  Click "Save your FIRMette" to save to your computer for future use.