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Flood protection measures are dependent on the depth of flooding and the type of foundation. There are two main types of foundation along the Gulf Coast: elevated and at grade. If you have a basement, bi-level, split level, or other floor below ground level, go to the basement page.

Determine your foundation and then proceed to Selecting a measure.


Elevated foundations include crawlspaces, piers, columns and similar structures where there is open space between the floor and the ground.

House elevated on piers

House elevated on a crawlspace, i.e., a solid wall with vents that allow air (and water) to flow under the floor.


At grade foundations include slabs and other structures where the lowest floor is concrete, resting on the ground.

House on a slab-on-grade foundation.

A New Orleans "raised basement" house. Although originally intended to be an elevated structure, the lowest floor has been improved and converted to a living area. The lowest floor is at grade.


Once you have determined your foundation type, review possible mitigation measures for your situation.